Guest Post by Christophe and Xavier: Construction

Last Friday in art we worked on completing construction work. Before we even looked at our materials, we had to have a plan. Xavier, Lucas and I made a tower and we had to look at where to build the strong points. Another one of our friends made an elephant by using boxes and they added extra things an elephant needs. Also in our class Kai .D, Tom and Jeremy made an awesome movie theatre with an amazing opening roof. Ben and Joseph created an American Crown Plaza.

It was a fun Friday

Guest Post by Bridget and Courtney: Reading Activities

Reading Activities.

In the mornings we do reading activities and discover more amazing facts.  The activities we are doing right now are Author Study, Watching the Magic school Bus and doing a brainstorm on the video, Reading a passage on energy and writing facts and lastly completing a Light energy sheet.

Author Study.

In Author Study we study an Author of our choice. We complete a number of activities on our passport that the teacher will check. Our aim is to fill in every box in our passport and we can make up our own activities. 

The Magic School Bus.

In this activity we watched an energy themed video, The Magic School Bus. We had to do a brainstorm about what we learnt in the video. Our aim was to find out more facts about energy.

Light Activity

In this activity we read a passage about lights. After we finished reading we drew and labelled  a big light bulb. The aim was to create your own light bulb.

Making a statement

We read a passage about energy in energy books and we made a statement  about energy.

Guest Post by Hannah G, Hannah B and Karissa: Our Student Teacher

This term we have had the privilege of having a student teacher. Her name is Cassie and she is a second year student from the Australian Catholic University. She is with us for three weeks.  So far she has taught us about location, writing up procedures and R.E.

On Monday Cassie taught us a new sport game. It is called Bench Ball. The game is similar to netball. You have one ball and you have two teams. The aim is to get the ball to your team’s bench and when you do you choose a person to come on the bench. You have to get six people on the bench to win.

In R.E we have been learning about the story of Jonah. We had to answer questions and Cassie would check it for you.

When Cassie leaves we will miss her.

photo credit: <a href=””>South Carolina’s Northern Kingdom</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

Guest Post by Bree and Rory: Sketching Trees


On the 17th of November Krystyna taught us how to draw trees that look like trees. All of us drew trees like they had been to the hair dressers and had curlers put in their hair/leaves. She also taught us about the horizon line (where the sky meets the earth). So then we used our imagination and drew amazing pictures of trees that looked like trees, and some abstract forms.

 We learnt a lot from this lesson and it was a lot of fun.

Advent is here

This week we are celebrating the beginning of Advent in our classroom. This marks the beginning of our journey towards Christmas. Krystyna and I have been SO lucky this year, we feel we have already received all the gifts we could possibly want – 25 fantastic, talented, kind, magnificent students! What a great year we have had together.

Check out some of the moments … 


Guest Post: Our New Meditation Garden by Nicola, Hannah V and Kai D

On Monday, the 19th of November, our new meditation garden had a special blessing by Father Joe. We couldn’t wait to go in! Andy, the constructor, unfortunately couldn’t make it because he was busy at another school. But Sue, a 5/6 teacher, read an email from Andy to all of us. We were so lucky, because Rob took photos of usin the garden. We had the opportunity to sit on the special pavers and look at Bungel’s nest. Peter and the school leaders had their photos taken as well.

It’s going to be good to have this meditation garden in our school to relax, meditate and spend time with God. Our meditation garden features a water fountain, Bungel’s nest, pavers for us to meditate on, native flowers, a rocky creek, a bridge and a red pebble path.


Guest Post: Maths this week by Kai and Ben

This week we have been looking at maps from a birds eye view. We have looked at zoos, classrooms and many more things. A game that we played in the classroom was Dino Dig, we had to use co-ordinates to find dinosaur bones like battle ships. These bones were hard to find because the map was 10 by 10 and we had to guess.  We had no clues at all. Another game we played was paper battle ships. It is called paper battleships because you play on a piece of paper. We had to draw a grid in our maths book that was ten by ten centimetres. Every game that we played had a grid full  of four battleships. That is what we have been learning in maths.

Here are some of our bird’s eye maps of our classroom!


Guest Post: Basketball Tournament by Joseph, Jake and Lucas

The 3/4 levels have been playing modified rules for a basketball tournament. There are five teams per class and one team which is the organising team each week. You have to try to win as many games as you can. If you win you get 3 points if it’s a draw it is 2 points and if you lose you get 1 point. You can get into the finals by winning a lot of games.

There are modified rules. They are:

No monstering.

No snatching.

No Shots out of 3 point.

Pass to all members in team to go for a shot.

No travelling.

No double dribbling.

Cross Court is allowed.

No arguring with umpire.

No physical contact.

If you monster too much you will get a point taken off your teams score.

The team with the most score will win!

Author Study Update

We have been doing some fantastic Author Study activities this term and we love Author Study time! Here is an awesome character profile on the characters from the 26th Storey Tree House by Andy Griffiths.


KAI did this great work!


Oak’s Day

Well this week we have had the Melbourne Cup and today was Oak’s Day. This is traditionally known as Lady’s Day as it is the day when all the girls get out their finest clothes and head off to the races for a day of fun. Of course, men are allowed to go too! So in 3/4 MK, we celebrated too by getting dressed up in our finest clothes. Boy, Mary and Krystyna could hardly recognise us! We had a “Fashions on the Field” parade and some Oak’s Day events of our own and then the best bit of all, a party lunch! Have a look at our amazing outfits!

What a handsome crew!


Strike a pose ladies!

Fashions on the Field – all winners here!